August M. Froehlich (or Fröhlich) worked in American comic books during the 1940s. He had been active illustrating film posters and doing magazine art since the 1910s. He started doing comic book art around 1939, when he joined the Eisner-Iger studio. Later on, he also worked through Otto Binder, Bernard Baily and Funnies Inc. For Better Publications, he drew 'The Ghost' in Thrilling Comics and did contributions to Real Life Comics.

He illustrated western features for Feature Comics and D.S. Publishing. His Fiction House credits include 'Firehair' in Rangers Comics, 'Auro, Lord of Jupiter' in Planet Comics and 'Simba' in Jungle Comics. He drew 'Race Wilkins' for Rural Home and did art on some of the early Classics Illustrated by Gilberton ('The Man in the Iron Mask', 'The Toilers of the Sea', 'Black Beauty'). He has also illustrated the promotional 'Buster Brown' comic for Buster Brown Shoes.