In the seventies, a wave of horror comics swept over
the comics field, and Scandinavia was hit by it as well...
Primarily stories from the Warren magazines were
being reprinted, and the larger size format in
black and white had a genuine appeal to young readers
not yet being addicted to splatter videos and
computer-game killings...

Being in the period when I was trying to find my way
to go as a comics writer and artist, I had to play with
this approach myself...
Together with my brother Ingo, we wrote a number
of stories that were never officially printed in any
horror magazine... I might have talked the editor of
the Danish horror magazines, the now sadly departed
Uno Krüger of Interpresse, into printing some of them,
but I never did...
A Danish version of "A Time to Kill" was published
in my own magazine Sejd, however...

The rest have never been seen by a wider audience,
but I present them here for the first time the way
they were originally done, complete with room to
place a portrait of the hosting character of the
magazine where I hoped for them to end up...
I not only read the gory stuff from Eerie, Creepy,
and Vampirella but also some reprints of material
from the old EC comics, and my taste might have
been more attuned to that...
As you can see, I have no fun in displaying bloody details
but mostly play with some science-fiction elements,
notably travel through space and time...
Much can be said against the visual rendering,
but I still feel the stories are funny within the
framework of that particular storytelling tradition.

A Time to Kill