Richard W Hall (1910-1980) was born in Bodfish California, USA.

Hall worked as an animator with Ub Iwerks 1933-1935 and with Walter Lantz 1937-1939 with ‘Oswald the Rabbit’. He was with Max Fleischer 1939-1942 and 1942-1943 with Famous Studios. At Terrytoons 1960-1965 he worked with ‘Tin Pan Alley Cat’, ‘Heckle & Jeckle’ and ‘Daniel Boone Jr.’ He also worked on US Army training films.

1965-1968 Hall worked with Hanna-Barbera on ‘Herculoids’, ‘Superman’, ‘Superboy’, ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Oliver Twist’. He was a layout artist 1973-1974 on ‘Star Trek’, ‘Lassie Rescue Rangers’ and in the early 1980s with ‘Garfield’, ‘Tom & Jerry’ and ‘Lassie Rescue Rangers’.

Halls comics work started with Lev Gleason for detective comics 1944-1945 doing ‘Dickie Dean’, ‘Crime does not pay’, ‘Little Dynamite’ and others. For Associated Press he did script and artwork for the newspaper strip ‘Patsy’ 1945-1946. At Hillman, he did artwork for crime comics 1946-1947 and at Western Publishing 1947-1955 and in 1970s it was Walter Lantz characters such as ‘Woody Woodpecker’, ‘Andy Panda & Charlie Chicken’ and ‘Oswald the Rabbit’. He did artwork for a few Disney stories in the early 1970s with ‘Beagleboys’, ‘Supergoof’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’. At the Disney Studios he was a ghost artist on the newspaper version of Mickey Mouse dailies April-June 1970.