This is probably the fastest comic you will ever read. It only takes a few seconds, less time than you must use reading and appreciating the pictures. And they took a long time for my brother Ingo to draw. In fact I believe this to be his sole completed venture in the comics’ field from his youth. It has never been published.
The model for the sports car was a white toy car of a Mercedes 300SL that Ingo had, so he studied it closely from every angle to get it to look right when drawing it to this extreme action comic.
Ingo is thorough with everything he does. In his youth I sometimes came into his room late at night, and he was still working to complete his homework. I greeted him and wished him good night and hoped he would soon get a night’s sleep. I have never been able to pull myself to work late at night.
When dismantling our rooms in the old home a couple of years back there were items he had not managed to complete. A model toy glider was hanging in the corner from the ceiling, and a partly assembled model of the Cutty Sark was harbored in a cellar room because there was no place to store it in his room.
But we found completed models of hovercrafts that could still work, and also some steam engine models we had a lot of fun trying get to work properly many years ago.
Under the ceiling hang the big format Crash story with all the single drawings of this car accident put together in a shrewd layout as a giant poster. He saw it every morning he woke up, and I asked what he would do with it now we were to move things out. He answered that he had no place to hang it in his house. His wife would probably protest, if it was mounted over the bed. I was therefore able get hold of it and hang it over my bed, so now I can wake up every morning to this awful disaster…