Daniel Torres (born 20 August 1958, in Teresa de Cofrentes, Valencia) is a Spanish cartoonist, known for several series, including Rocco Vargas.

Daniel Torres started his career in 1980, when he graduated from the Valencia School of Fine Arts. He was published in the underground magazine El Vibora with his comic character 'Claudio Cueco'. After this, 'Asesinato a 64 Imagenes por Segundo', 'Alas y Azar', 'El Angel Caido' and other stories followed. In 1982, he launched the adventures of his new hero, Rocco Vargas, in titles such as 'Triton', 'El Misterio de Susurro' and 'Saxxon'.

This graphically drawn space-opera, featuring nightclub-owner, science-fiction writer and space hero Rocco Vargas, showed that Torres is an artist of the Clear Line, especially influenced by Belgian artist Ever Meulen (Eddy Vermeulen). This very successful series was published in the United States in 1984. While the adventures of Rocco continued to unfold, Torres created 'El Octavo Dia' in 1993 and started 'Aphrodite' for Penthouse Comix in 1997.