This 12-page Donald Duck story was the last one I did for Sanoma. Since Thom Roep had wrongfully reprinted The Big Sneeze one shot, I asked for compensation by drawing an equal number of new pages as the ones I had been missing payment for in the first place many years back.

I had still two of Gorm Transgaards rejected Gutenberghus scribbles and one of them was even finished in scetches. It was A Snoozy Business which I have already presented on my site. Together with No Laughing Matter that amounted in total to the number of pages I had not been paid for on The Big Sneeze, and Thom Roep accepted that deal just prior to his retirement.

I found this new old story very funny. Also, I understood why it had been rejected in the first place. It is indeed a downlet that Donald fails to get his reward after all the job he has put into the project of making that old stonefaced geezer have a laugh. However, Donald does manage in the end, but he doesn't get to know, since he by then had lost his temper and left the place.

A tragic ending for Donald for sure, but we have seen that point before, when Donald's temper spoils everything.

Somehow, I felt this to be a proper story to end my days with the Duck…