Homer William Fleming (10 October 1882 - 21 January 1967, USA) was born in Maplewood, New Jersey. His father Thomas (1853-1931) was a political cartoonist who worked primarily for the New York World, New York Sun and Commercial Advertiser. Homer Fleming attended the Phoenix Art Institute and the Grand Central School of Art in New York.

Fleming did art for comic books during the 1930s and 1940s. He illustrated stories with characters like 'Buck Marshall, Range Detective', 'Captain Jim of the Texas Rangers' and 'Chuck Dawson', that appeared in comic books like New Adventure Comics, New Comics, More Fun Comics and Action Comics. He succeeded George Storm as the artist of 'The Whip' in Flash Comics in 1940. He also contributed to the Classics Illustrated series, for which he illustrated 'Tom Brown's School Days' (1948) and 'The Adventures of Marco Polo' (1950).

Prior to his comic book work, he had done the Arthur B. Reeve scripted 'Craig Kennedy' newspaper strip in the 1920s. Homer Fleming passed away in January 1967. He was buried in Bridgeport, Connecticut.