David Sheridan (7 June 1943 - 28 March 1982, USA) exhibited remarkable skill  both as a collaborator and solo artist. Together with Fred Schrier, with whom he landed in San Francisco in 1969, he shared several books of which the lushest examples are Mother Oats Comix # 1 and 2 and Meef Comix #1 and 2. His solo work can be seen in Slow Death and Skull Comix. The funny background signs, exaggerated sound effects and wild activity fill the panels and bring a sparking counter point to his dramatically composed pages.

These same comedic attributes were ideal for collaboration with Gilbert Shelton on the 'Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers' stories, which were published every week and distributed to underground comix and alternative newspapers and later collected in comic book form by Rip Off Press. The happy artistic partnership lasted until Dave Sheridan's untimely death from lymphoma at age 38.