Doing my stories for Dutch Donald Duck I wanted to show some sides of the characters that were not usually exploited. We did a story of Gus Goose, where he became involved in some hardcore criminal activity completely without Gus discovering what sinister plot, he was involved in. The angle of being completely unaware what was really going on, I found very appealing.

When it came to Daisy, we wanted to show, that her character had qualities she usually didn't show. Her frantic effort to retrieve a part of a Coat of Arms revealed, that she possessed abilities that we were not aware, that she had. Qualities that might even be a surprise to herself. That the needle club activities could end up in some extreme drama came to a surprise to all of us, and that was precisely what we intended.

I have earlier presented 'The Brotherhood of Misfortune' where the was a genuine analyses as to the true story behind Gander's luck, and in 'The True Face of Scrooge McDuck' I investigated how Scrooges character worked, if he lost his memory and had to built a fortune from scratch.

All in all, I am very happy to have been able to add something new to the duck characters, that would come out as a pleasant surprise to the audience.