I have earlier made some comments on the ’non Disney Barks’ in the ‘Carl Barks extra’ installment in this column. Here follows the bulk of that production, the Barney Bear & Benny Burro episodes made in the period from 1943 to 1947 before Barks completely shifted to the duck universe and executed some of his best work around 1949.
Apart from the four 6 page episodes Serenade for a Senorita, Snap Goes the Turtle, The Doctor and his Patient and Cousin Kodiak they are all 8 page stories. Some of the ideas were later reused in Barks’ Donald Duck production, but there is a distinct first time flavor to this initial presentation.
I present the list here below. The first three titles are Benny Burro stories. From the excellent The Sound of his Horn, Barney Bear enters the scene.
Barks appreciated to have gotten hold of a character that had actual hands, which offered him better story writing opportunities. The stories were printed in the magazine Our Gang from issue 8 (1943) to issue 36 (1947). Here is the list:

            With a Little Help to my Friends
            The Playful Mountain Goat
            A Bird of Beauty is a Pest Forever
            The Sound of His Horn
            The Merry Moose Hunters
            Barney Rides Again
            The Intrepid Wolf Trappers
            How to be a Matador
            Cougar, Cougar Shining Bright
            Cool, Clear Water
            Serenade for a Senorita
            Snap, Goes the Turtle
            The Doctor and his patient
            To Ski or not to Ski
            Cousin Kodiak
            The Sounds of Silence
            Mother Nature’s Children
            The Master of Archery
            The Compleat Anglers
            The Dauntless Dogcatchers
            Modern Art, and all That
            Somewhere Under the Rainbow
            A Hole in None
            Ol’ McElk he had a Farm
            Klipto Kleppo Strikes Again
            Uncle Grizzly
            Home, Sweet Home no More
            Riches, Riches in the Wall
            The Thieving Magpie

Barney Bear & Benny Burro Vol. I p. 1-56 Barney Bear & Benny Burro Vol. II p. 57-112 Barney Bear & Benny Burro Vol. III p. 113-168 Barney Bear & Benny Burro Vol. IV p. 169-224